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Master’s Bible Church

Master’s Bible Church

We are a Grace Advance (GA) church plant in Vancouver, Washington. GA is a ministry of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. In 2017, a small group prayerfully and thoughtfully reached out to GA with the hopes of planting a church in the Vancouver, Washington area. Master’s Bible Church (MBC) was established and the search for a pastor began. After many months of praying and waiting on the Lord, Joey DeRuntz was called to become our Pastor-Teacher in September 2018.

That September our body began meeting at a house in Brush Prairie. When we outgrew this location, we moved and rented from a church in Vancouver. In March 2020 the building we were using closed, and we went on Zoom. After weeks of this it was our Biblical conviction that we need to gather in person. For a while we met at an unconventional location in Portland, OR. After this, our body moved back to Washington to a building located in Camas. All of this took place in a three-year period.

In December 2021, Emmanuel Baptist Church in Vancouver graciously opened their doors to our body. We are so very blessed by their generosity as they warmly welcome us into their building every Sunday and other times throughout the week. In March 2022, Justin Beer and Justin Hornbaker were ordained as elders and several deacons were raised up. Another exciting blessing of 2022 is that some of our deacons began taking classes at The Masters Seminary.

Many have been saved by the faithful preaching of the Word. Christ will build His church. May we be found faithful.

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Joey DeRuntz

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Master"s Bible Church, 14810 NE 28th Street, Vancouver Washington 98682
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